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About Us

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At Dalamaga - Kalogirou Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services tailored to our clients' unique needs. With a team of experienced and passionate attorneys, we specialize in intellectual property law.

About Intellectual Property:
Intellectual property is a creation of the mind that can be used in the course of commerce as a financial asset: Trademarks, patents, designs, works of art, NFTs, software, databases or non-registered marks (such as company and trading names) all qualify as intellectual property rights. Intellectual property law is a branch of commercial law regulated by various Greek and E.U. laws and regulations.
The registration, surveying and enforcement of intellectual property rights is of key importance, as it ensures the increase of product value, as well as the smooth supply of products and services in the market, shielded from third party infringements and acts of unfair competition.
What we do:

Registration and prosecution of trademarks, designs and patents in Greece, the EU and third countries, such as the Balkan countries and Arab States, China, U.S.A. Turkey and Australia, via a network of specialized agents.

Brand creation services, consulting services on the creation of strong and distinctive marks, computerized trademark searches in the relevant trademark registries for earlier trademarks visually, phonetically and conceptually identical or similar with the desired mark, all significantly increasing chances of seamless registration and use and, respectively, reducing chances of office action and disputes with competitors.

Enforcement of trademarks, designs, patents, trading names, copyright, domain names and geographical indications. Infringements may have several forms, such as fling of confusingly similar trademarks, distribution of counterfeit products, unauthorized reproduction of internal or external store decoration, use of confusingly similar trading names in the course of commerce, mirror sites, unauthorized reproduction of advertisements, misleading websites and social media accounts, cybersquatting and unauthorized registration and use of trademarks and domain names by distributors or licensees.

Trademark monitoring services, aiming at timely tracking and tackling confusingly similar trademark filings before they become registered.

Why us?
Our firm has been providing specialized legal services in intellectual property law since 1981. Our expertise, service quality and success rate has led various Greek and foreign brand owners operating in the fields of fashion and luxury goods, technology, pharmaceuticals, catering, sports, building materials, automotive, foodstuffs, liquor and tobacco to honor us with their trust over the years.