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Intellectual Property Enforcement Anticounterfeiting

Intellectual Property Enforcement Anticounterfeiting

Our firm is providing legal services focusing on anti-counterfeiting measures and the enforcement of trademarks, designs, patents, non-registered marks (including company names and trading names), copyright, domain names and geographical indications. An indicative list of infringements follow:

  • Use of identical or similar trademark (word, figurative, three-dimensional, sound etc).
  • Imitating the shape of a product or its packaging.
  • Advertising and distributing counterfeit products via physical stores, e-shops and social media.
  • Unauthorized or excessive trademark use by licensees.
  • Soliciation.
  • Trademark hijacking.
  • Unauthorized use of inventions and designs.
  • Misleading use of geographical indications.
  • Unauthorized and misleading use of company names and trading names.
  • Pirated software.
  • Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works.
  • Mirror sites.
  • Cybersquatting.
  • Unauthorized registration of trademarks and domain names in third countries by the proprietor’s distributors, licensees and associates, without the knowledge of the proprietor.
  • Parallel imports (as an exception and under very strict preconditions).

Strategic Planning:

Planning integrated strategies enabling Clients to foresee and then actively enforce their IP rights throughout Greece.

Monitoring and Consultancy:

Step-by-step case progress updating and providing legal advice.

Market Investigations:

Scheduling and conducting market investigations throughout Greece and internet searches in order to pinpoint unlawful activities and to collect physical evidence.


Undertaking litigation before the Greek Trademarks Office, the Greek Civil, Criminal and Administrative Courts and the Greek Domain Name Authority (Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission).

Customs Enforcement:

Filing applications for Customs action and operating as legal / administrative representatives before Greek Customs in accordance to the EU legislation concerning customs enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Collaboration with Enforcement Authorities:

Coordinating and conducting raids with Greek enforcement authorities (police and administrative anti-counterfeiting agencies) targeting retailers, importers and wholesalers around Greece and seeking the consignment and destruction of seized counterfeit products.

Out-of-Court Procedures:

Undertaking alternative dispute resolution.